Dairy Cow Pregnancy Scanning

Our ultra sound scanning techniques are highly accurate in providing both embryo/foetus dating as well as data recording and same day results.

Pre-Mating Ultra Sound Scanning

These techniques are essential in identifying uterine infections and ovarian issues, all of which can have dire consequences to your herd’s fertility and health.

Artificial Insemination

With more than fourteen years experience as an artificial breeding technician, at Scan Spec, we are qualified to aid you in artificial insemination services.

Dairy Goat Pregnancy Testing

Goats’ milk can be as highly prized in both quality and cost as cows’ milk and the need for fertility testing is just as important.

Calf Disbudding

Disbudding is an increasingly common practice with our director having extensive experience in the development of the industry standard techniques. Compare our video with any other on "youtube"

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